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Craftwork Brewery

Peche de Vigne

Peche de Vigne

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6.0 % Alc/vol. 12-18 months old at release. Bottle conditioned. Nano batch 400 litres. Vegan. Label Art: Michael O’Brien and Robin Crawford. Seasonal

On crisp Winter nights in Oamaru, we brew O’Ambic, a spontaneously fermented traditional Belgian sour ale. The hot wort is exposed overnight, in shallow coolships, to the microflora in the air. Next morning, the inoculated wort is pumped into a barrel, for a long slow fermentation. A year later, we have a tangy citrusy beer of great complexity. The barrels are blended and some are set aside for fruit additions. We were very happy to be given some black boy peaches, which then sat in a fermenter of O’ambic for another six months. This ‘peach of the vine’ lambic-style ale has a beautiful colour, smells of candy, and has a tart peachy flavour. Great on a hot day, or serve with a rich fruit dessert.

Food pairing: Soft cheese, white chocolate, cheesecake and fresh fruit salad.

Pink effervescent tiny bubbles. Sweet candy on the nose, sour, tangy, bracing tart, with a dark edge of the black boy peaches,”Jaw droppingly delicious”
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