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Dark Lord

Dark Lord

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10% Alc/Vol. Bottle Conditioned. 6 months old at release. Micro batch, 1000 litres. Vegan.Silver medals, NZBGA 2015, AIBA 2016. We make this at Rhyme and Reason Brewery in Wanaka.  Label art: Donna Demente. Core range.

Our take on a classic Quadrupel or Belgian Strong Dark Ale. With a complex grain bill , organic panela sugar, and a fair amount of noble hops for balance. The spicy, fruity nose and taste is entirely from the yeast, malt and hop combination. Ideal for cellar aging.

Food pairing: Dinner AND after dinner, but only if you’re in Belgium. Stoofvlees, {Flemish Beef Stew} Witloof, and other strong temperate climate vegetables, braised cabbage or sauerkraut.  Game venison or wild boar, blue and strong cheese, game fowl, rich fruit desserts, a handful of raspberries, dark chocolate, jenever, whisky.  Not an every day beer, but for celebrations.

High carbonation makes for that lovely ‘digestive’ quality Belgians often cite as ‘their thing’. Dried fruit and pinot-like flavours, sweet, toasty, toffee, rich & complex. Intense raisin, liquid gold liquorice flavours with bucket loads of depth and depravity as described on the bottle. Rich as Christmas fruit cake, chocolate and spice.. Great depth and body, and finish. Banana caramel.
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