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10% Alc/Vol. Bottle and Keg Conditioned. 12+weeks old at release. Micro batch, 1000 litres. We make this at Rhyme and Reason Brewery in Wanaka. Vegan. Label art: Michael O’Brien. Seasonal.

Godverdomme is Dark Lord, our Belgian Quadrupel, fermented with a saison yeast. Liquorice and dried fruit malts, blend well with a dry and lingering finish. Not for the faint-hearted, nor the sweet-toothed…. God damn me !

Food pairing: Figs and cream, fruitcake, blue cheese and salty Dutch licorice, and dark chocolate.

An almost fizzy effervescence, dark spiced fruits and a more roasty toast than Dark Lord, this brutal beer drinks lighter and spicier than it’s Abbey cousin. Sip and savour slowly.
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