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La Framboise

La Framboise

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6% alc/Vol. 18-20 months old at release.  Bottle and Keg Conditioned. Nano batch, 50- 100  litres. Vegan. Silver medal, AIBA 2018. Label art: Eliza Baster. Seasonal.

Raspberry wild ale. A spontaneously fermented wheat beer, using old hops. A long three hour boil after a decoction step mash, the day before. Cooled overnight in winter months in a coolship - an open tray, in our barrel room with the doors open. Sometimes blended with our Zinneke. Local fruit, from Waimate, aged for 6 months on one year old, ‘our spontaneous’ coolship beer, O’ambic, then re-fermented in the bottle. 

Food pairing: Cream cheese with raspberries. Almonds, hazelnut or walnut desserts. Chocolate. 

Pink, fizzy bubbles. Very fruity and refreshing. Complex, sour tart, tonnes of raspberry and a really nice level of sour.. Beautiful, soft acidity and great funky sour depths and lots of fruit.
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