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4.3 Alc/Vol. Bottle and Keg Conditioned. 12 weeks old at release. Nano batch, 500 litres. Vegan. Label art: Michael O’Brien & Robin Crawford. Core range.

One of the Craftwork brewers thought it was about time we produced a weasels beer! Well, that led to much discussion and rather than a weasel, we came up with one man’s best friend- Milou. This 'Snowy' blond ale would not be out of place in a young Belgian reporter's hand after a hard day tracking down villains resembling cartoon characters. A pale blond Belgian, spicy with earthy aromas and a thirst for adventure. We hope Milou will be your faithful companion too. Sante!

Food pairing: Crisps. Mussels and frites. Chicken dishes. All cheeses. Asparagus and witloof gratin.

Yellow of colour, foamy white head with a sweetish taste, thirst quenching, dry & spicy finish.
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