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Craftwork Brewery

Plum Dubbel

Plum Dubbel

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11.2% Alc/Vol. Bottle and Keg Conditioned. 12 weeks old at release. Nano batch, 800 litres. Vegan. Label art: Michael O’Brien & Peter Orme. Seasonal.

An exceptional one-off beer. As good fortune would have it, our chum Renzo offered us some fruit pulp leftover from a bottling of an aged plum liqueur, and we thought that in combination with our abbey dubbel this could be a match made in heaven. Dark and vinous, this sweet nectar has a spicy aroma and begs another sip. Take care though, as it is very strong. We recommend sharing the bottle with friends and loved ones, in small glasses.     Mon Dieu c’est bon!

Food pairing: Rich fruit cake. Belgian chocolate.

Amber, tight white head with clove, cinnamon oaky esters. Very sweet with a spicy moreish finish. Very like a sherry or a sweet port wine.

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