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Riverstone 10

Riverstone 10

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7% Alc/Vol. Bottle and Keg Conditioned. 6-12 weeks old at release. Nano batch, 200 litres.Silver medal, AIBA 2017. Vegan. Label art: Donna Demente. Seasonal.

Saisons are Wallonian rustic farmhouse ales, traditionally made by farmers for their saisonnier or seasonal farm labourers. We decided to add our  house yeast to this unusual version of an old Belgian Ale.
This beer crossed the linguist divide,  into Flemish culture, and was inspired by the Wipers Times Beer, in Yper in West Flanders. Thousands of British and Colonial,  and German soldiers, were sadly killed there for no apparent reason between 1915-18. The Belgians made a beer approximating this, during the bombardment.
Riverstone 10, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the well known and ‘beer friendly’ Riverstone Kitchen,  is a golden ale, with a complex grain bill of four grains : Barley, Wheat, Oats and Maize. Noble hops, two yeast strains. Owing to the wild house yeast used at secondary fermentation, this beer may be lively, so pour carefully.

Food pairing: Bread and butter, seafood,  most cheeses, fennel, asparagus, broad beans, walnut, pear and blue cheese salad, delicate fruit desserts

Cloudy yellow with a big foamy effervescent head, delicate banana bready aromas and barnyard hay ,cloves and citrus. Intense carbonation, refreshing lemony bitterness, nutty, sweet, with a dry finish with floral and honey notes and a hint of spice.
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