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Sacre Bleu

Sacre Bleu

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9.5% Alc/Vol. Bottle Conditioned. 7 months old at release. Nano nana batch, 50 litres!  Vegan. Label art: Peter Davidson. Seasonal.

Our classic Tripel, Good Lord, further barrel aged  for six months, in a 50 litre oaken cask, with another classic Wallonian Abbey  yeast added for complexity.  Formerly containing white wine, the quarter cask has a larger surface area of oak to beer.  The tripel is further transformed , a shade darker and stronger, less carbonated and more winey, like an old sherry. Amazingly, despite proximity to our sour barrels, this beer is yet to show signs of wild yeast intrusion. Great for cellar aging.

Food pairing: After dinner. Or with witloof, and other strong temperate climate vegetables. Proper bread and butter, fish, mussels, soft and strong cheese, game fowl, fruit desserts, nougat, jenever. Not an every day beer, but for celebrations.

Full, spicy and banana yeast character right upfront, raisin and dried apricot as it warms, very smooth finish - Lots of clove, sweet spice. Juicy orange, pears, apricots, caramel pudding, hints of clove. Supple malts.
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