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Saison Poodlefaker

Saison Poodlefaker

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6.5%  Alc/Vol. Bottle and Keg Conditioned. 6-12 weeks old at release. Nano batch, 200 litres. Vegan. Label art: Katrina Perano. Seasonal.

Saisons are Wallonian rustic farmhouse ales, traditionally made by farmers for their saisonnier or seasonal farm labourers. Traditionally thirst quenching, we offer a more modern style, higher in strength and flavour.
Saison Poodlefaker is our Christmas beer. It is ruby-coloured , and balanced with noble hops,  liberally spiced, and Southern Rata honey added at the end of the boil. 
In Belgium, Christmas beers are rich and heavy for the cold months. Ours is  lighter for a N.Z. summer Christmas. We use the classic French farmhouse yeast for fruity spicy flavour and a very dry finish. 
The nomenclature hails from a funny fellow from Blenheim,  known as the Corona Kid, who was heavy handed in the spice drawer, back in the homebrew days.

Food pairing: Christmas dinner, any cheese, game, strong fruit desserts, steamed pudding, Christmas cake, chocolate, nougat, port, whisky.  
Boxing day: Rata, or manuka honey on toast or porridge with butter.

Ruby bronze with a creamy head, intense carbonation. Floral honey, Christmas spice and ginger on the nose. Malty fruit cake spice. Kiwi Christmas in a glass.
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