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Craftwork Brewery

Terroir Blend 2019

Terroir Blend 2019

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7.2 % alc/vol.12-48 months old at release. Connection beer with Wild Workshop, Wellington. Bottle conditioned. Nano batch, 800 litres. Vegan. Label art: Lee-Ann Scotti. Seasonal.

Terroir Blend is based on the Megablend from Belgium. It is the expression of one year old spontaneously fermented 'Lambic style' beer from multiple breweries. We are excited that there are quite a few other brewers in NZ now, brewing spontaneously fermented beers.
For 2019, Dave Bell offered us some 2 year old for a blend, so we thought to make a gueuze-style (a one, two and three year blend) previous blends have been one year old spon only.
Past connections for Terroir Blend have been with Ninebarnyardowls, Wilderness Brewing, Cell Division and North End Brewery.

Food pairing: sliced apples. Mussels, waterzooi, Thai green curry, strong goat’s cheese, fish, bread and butter.

Crisp tart, dry lemon and apricot, complex brett character, clean acidity, mellow, refined and refreshing.
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