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Un Deux Trois - Batch 4

Un Deux Trois - Batch 4

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6% alc/Vol. 3-4 years old at release. Bottle Conditioned. Nano batch, 200 litres. Vegan. 100% Organic Beer. Label art: Michael O’Brien, Lee-Ann Scotti and Robin Crawford. Seasonal at present.

A blend of our O’ambic, a spontaneously fermented wheat beer, using old hops. A long three hour boil after a decoction mash, the day before. Cooled overnight in winter months in a coolship - an open tray in our barrel room with the doors open.
We are proud of this, our first Gueuze style beer, is 25% 3 year old, 25% 2 year old and 50% one year old O’ambic, our departure from the traditional proportions or 10/30/60%. A labour of love!
Refermented and live in the bottle. 

Food pairing: Strong goats cheese with radish and sour dough rye bread. This style of beer is sometimes called Bruxelles Champagne , so bring out when there’s a bubbly celebratory occasion.

Fine beaded carbonation. Sour, tart apple and lemon, a hint of lime and funk like blue vein cheese, balanced with roses lime cordial funk and bretty pepper, very refreshing. “Complex delicious, perfect balance and complexity, wow!“
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